Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Road Trip Day 1

Here we are me and little crew right before we set of on the road. Notice everyones excitement and happiness.. JK Everyone was happy to be going to colorado. We all have great memories of Colorado. Christopher was born there and thats where I discovered running and hiking and my love for the outdoors. 

One of my favorite things about this road trip is spending lots of uninterrupted time with my kiddos. I am learning about there friends in school and there favorite colors ..They change every month. 

Our first lunch stop was Big Boy. I used to go to Bob's Big boy when I was little . I think this is the closest thing to that here. The food was good just not healthy at all. Oh well sometimes we have to sacrifice and have fried food.

After driving for about 6 hours I stopped and had my first coffee. I have to tell you something about myself I am not proud of but its true. I kinda drive like an old lady. I am super safe and I do not speed. Thank God my kids do not drive yet because they cant tell there mom is 40 but secretly drives like she is 70. So Starbucks helps me pretend I am like Mario Andrade behind the wheel.

My kids loved looking at all the lights in Vegas. We drove through the strip and stopped about an two hours north of there..It was a successful day 1. No fighting no arguing and get this I did not buy any junk food to have in the car no sodas either. ( except for our stop at Big Boys) I think thats pretty good since in the past my car would be full of chips by now. So day 1 is gone and we are on to see new things..Have a good Tuesday..

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