Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Funday

Feliz Cinco de Mayo..
One more day to enjoy before its Monday. Are you doing anything special to celebrate today ? Today is my grandmothers 93rd birthday and she has been gone for two years so I know I will be visiting her today along with my brothers and sister. 
Yesterday was a blast. The fair was a-lot smaller than I had imagined. I still got to see some friends. Michelle Hill was there and Its funny because I just ordered her scrapbook kits last week.  Debbie Campos was there too. I don't really know her but I know who she is and she has a really cute on line store.
Yesterday turned into a long day after the craft fair I took my mom and Jenny to have coffee and lunch. Then we drove to Solana Beach and walked through the Antique Stores.. It was a perfect Saturday..except for the fact that we put an offer in on this house we just loved...I loved. I was dreaming about having family parties in it and running around in the back yard. I had it all figured out then we got news that the owners went with another offer that was as they said way better than ours. Oh well.I just keep telling myself God has a better house picked out for my family and I just have not found it..I know its important to keep a positive attitude , I have to say trying to buy a house in San Diego is very difficult on a budget. I am on my way to see my grandmother first but I really do hope you do something special today..
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