Monday, May 6, 2013

Cinco De Mayo

How did you celebrate yesterday?
I attended The Cinco de Mayo celebration in Old Town in San Diego. Let me start by saying there was so so so many people it took us about an hour of driving around to find parking and when we did it cost my dad 20$. The weather was nice because it was about 65 degrees and light showers. Walking around is always better when your not to hot . There was so much color all around. 

I cant express to you how much I love being surrounded by bright colors. I just love how alive Cinco De mayo celebrations feel. Its all about listening to good Latin music and watching the different dancers and enjoying delicious food.

There was amazing Mexican artist that created super fun art. My favorite was this suitcase.. I loved it. Its so cool they took an old Samsonite and and decoupaged it with a beautiful Frida Image.You can go here to see more Frida suitcases.

I think this is one of the best pictures of her. 

This made me smile.

Dream catchers remind me of Isabella. I have a big one in my room and Bella tells me often mom we don't have to worry about having nightmares because of the dream catcher. Having her remind me always makes me smile.

I have many pictures of me as a little girl wearing these dresses.

So That's it my day in review.  I hope you like the pictures and I hope they make you smile. So here it is.. Me 6 months pregnant with a little boy who I am going to name baby Jack. My dads face says it all. I feel huge and I yes  I look huge... Its uncomfortable and I am taking many naps. I am not worried about my weight because I am half the size of what I was with my last three pregnancies..(thats crazy) I hope you had a good Sunday..I am starting to feel really connected to my blog.. Thank you for stopping by..

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