Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fitness Goals for June

Hi..I went for a walk today and my dad went for his long run.  I have gained 35 pounds in the last six months. My doctor told me he wanted me to try and slow down a bit on the food situation. In my last three pregnancies I gained over 60 pounds. It has been over ten years since I was pregnant and I have been running for about 9 years so the last ten years my fitness level has been pretty high. Making it easy for me to eat anything I want. I love food. I do try to eat healthy but lets just say that I love all food. I would rather work out really hard and eat what I want than eat a low calorie diet and work out less. I am not saying that this is correct its just me. Whats different about this pregnancy is that I am 41. So I have decide that I need some fitness goals. To try and motivate myself to stay healthy for the next 12 weeks. 
I went on a three mile walk today and are you ready it took me 1 hour to walk 3 miles..Thats because I have not been exercising at all. I do not want to lose weight I am after all 6 months pregnant . I just want to get myself back to healthy. I am feeling lazy (cause I have been) and its hard to move around. 

I can do this. I do well when I set goals for myself. Having a blog  and sharing this will help me hold myself accountable.. I was really hesitant to share pictures of myself pregnant but this is me today.

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