Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Night Pictures with thoughts

I am so excited to be able to wear these as soon as my feet are no longer swollen. 

I love this hair style on Bella.

Starting next week no more pizza for a while.

Looking forward to being able to work on my projects with out my hands hurting.

Yeah for vitamin C..

Soda for me Coffee for Miss P

I love my beautiful Miss P.
As I sit here taking it easy but feeling very emotional. I know that very soon everything will change as a new little person enters my life. I hope everything goes well. Its crazy to think that today he is in my tummy but soon he will be in my arms. I hope to be able to start doing a picture a week of my kids. I am looking forward to moving in two weeks and working on his nursery. So much to look forward too.. This is one of those times that I am actually looking forward to change..
after all
change is good.

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