Tuesday, August 20, 2013

She fills me

Hello and Good Morning. I am sitting in my sisters room just her and I hanging out. I have always loved being in her presence . She is such a blessing to my life. She represents everything that is pure and good to me. So very early this morning I came into her room and she was awake so I just sat with her and held her hand. I will be heading to the hospital in about two hours and at 1pm I have a scheduled C section so I will get to meet my new little boy. I have been really happy to see how excited my children are about having a baby brother. My daughter Paola has been so good and Isabella and Christopher could not be more excited. Its crazy to think that we as woman can make babies. Its a crazy miracle. I feel that everything will go well and that soon I will be sharing pictures of my baby. Sitting here with my sister  makes everything better. As I sit here I feel like crying and I am not sure why. I feel so grateful to be able to stay here at my moms while I recover. I feel so loved by my other siblings. I know my best friend is thinking about me today. My heart needed to feel settled this morning. I feel it is now. Have a great day and I will share more pictures soon.

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