Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy September

Happy September ..
Oh man I miss my blog and writing my silly thoughts. I have quick moment before baby Jack wakes up and yes wants to feed. I have spent the last ten days breast feeding a very hungry little baby boy. I actually stayed with my mom the first week because with  c-section I needed help. Cooking for my other 3 kids and getting them out of the house was left up to my dad. My hands and feet were so swollen that doing the basic stuff became difficult for the first week after having baby J. My mom helped me shower because  washing my hair was just to painful but my doctor told me that in two weeks and I would be 90% better and he was right. Its funny what you choose to forget after having a baby because I don't remember anything like this happening last time but I was told it did.. The best thing is every time something hurts I just look at my baby and the pain goes away in my heart. I feel so grateful to have such a tiny little boy to love. My kids are being such great helpers and I am so not alone doing all the baby stuff its great. My kids go back to school tuesday so today we went to the store to get uniforms and school supplies. I love back  to school shopping.. So there you have it..Oh I almost forget to share we bought a house and we move in to it on Thursday.. I will share pictures as soon as we move.. Happy September 
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