Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I am two months old

Look who is 2 months old..Its the baby Jack. I have been  loving on this little guy day and night. My kids are all so happy and in love with him too. He is getting a little spoiled but I do not mind. Here we are waiting for his big sister to get out of work. He does not like the car seat and it breaks my heart when he cries :(  I got him all these toys he can look at but he still a little sad back there. He started making little noises and he smiles all the time. I get so excited every time he smiles. Its like the first time every time. I am having a really great time being mom to a baby all over again. Its so cool how its brought us all so close. My older kids all want to help out. Everyone want to hold him all the time. 

With all these people in the house he is becoming a good sleeper. He sleeps through door bell rings and kids laughing and big brother rapping. Music yes lots of music being played but somehow he is learning to sleep through it.. 

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