Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Week

I want to report that this week was a combination of lots and nothing. I found myself going out. I left my house..and staying in just holding my baby. I did not have my kids this week unfortunately for them they are with there dad. This means I have lots of time to just hold my new baby and love him. It also leaves me with lots of time to think. I really miss my kids when they are gone. It literally hurts my heart. I know I take way better care of them and its a very sad feeling to have to send your kids to a place you know is not a great place to be. I don't really have a choice.. I got side tracked sorry.
I went on a long run with my dad too. Its was not really long but 5 miles was good and guess what I got my time down to 11 min miles. I am working harder than I have had to but I know in three months it will all be worth it. Its crazy how many running apps there are. My favorite being map my run. Its really neat. I am down to 146 and that keeps me motivated to keep going. My question is what do I do with all this extra skin around my belly ?will it go back ...I went to see John Mayer last night with my daughter Paola. We loved it and I can honestly say we got along all night long..we even held hands for a bit. I am so glad its so good between us right now. She is growing up to be an amazing young lady. I am such a proud mom...Things are good right now and I will take that..

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