Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hello October

Hello October.
The last month seem to just fly by me. I miss blogging so my visits here might be simple but I shall step it up this month.  I started running and holy cow guys it has been hard. I don't mind the challenge but its a little disappointing to take so many steps back. I am seriously slow right now. It is a-lot harder to carry the extra weight around. I get tired quicker but I guess the hardest thing is how slow I am going even though I feel like I am working really hard. I am out of breathe.. and 5 miles feel like 15.  I am signed up for a half marathon in January and my goal is to finish it in 2 hours. I am on 9th day of my 100 squats a day and I am hoping I will feel the difference in the next two weeks.  I am also not having junk food but this thing called losing weight takes  dedication so here I am. I have 4 runs under my belt and I ran 17 miles last week. So the picture above is kinda how I am feeling about running right now. That cant stop me because I will never see results if I give up..I will keep running even if it feels like walking..

I truly believe that creating healthy habits in our life bring positive change..
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