Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday Thoughts

Today I was asked this question by my trainer. Gloria how do I get someone who works out twice a week with me and is trying hard to  eat better to start doing cardio ? Cardio is tricky . I know when I started running after having my 4th baby I was very self conscious. I wore black pants and a big shirt and I struggled. My first couple runs were far from runs…They where walk and run a little. I made myself go out and run for about 20 minutes the first time. I felt really sad after my first attempt at running . I felt like I had such a long way to go but I promised myself I was going to keep going. I would not give up on myself. 
 Cardio is key to loosing weight and diet . back to my trainer ..I told my trainer that I believe that you have to love yourself enough to show up for yourself. saying no to sweet bread has been hard but after you do it for a while and see results that kept them out of my mouth. Going for a run is how I love myself its how I show up for me. I have 4 kids and they need me all the time. Therefor I need to be happy and healthy and running does that for me. I love myself enough to run. I told my trainer I know that the first step is always the hardest so maybe going with his client would be good. Then I thought about how my first couple runs after having baby Jack I would of loved to have some one with me. Working out is hard it is but showing up for ourselves should not be. Loving ourselves should not be..
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