Friday, November 29, 2013

Viva la vida

 H friend , I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I had a very special time surrounded by new family and old. I even got to paint a little last night and I finished my latest girl. I love Freda and I can't pin pint exactly why but I do. I recently went to see a Freda exhibit. Everything was a replica but I do not care . They where real to me. I really love when I want to paint something long enough that the entire process is exciting to me. 
I got to see the replica of where she wrote Viva la Vida. Live life.  So I wanted to paint it on my canvas. I like the cactus because they remind me of Mexico. 

This is my creative space in my house. Its coming along slowly but its perfect for now. I am going to put My Freda for sale. I decided that I would like her to make someone happy. Selling my stuff is scary but I am going to put her on the side bar ..

Life is pretty amazing. We go  through so much and if we stop long enough we might get to see all the colors that make up our journey. 

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