Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Holiday are here

Hi and yes its December. Just when you thought it was a couple months away its here.. Are you thinking my tree looks cheap. Its the tree upstairs and this was half way through the decorating process..It looks better now.. My little man is getting ready to have his first Christmas and I am excited. I also find this month to be super stressful but I am going to meditate and  visualize and just chill. You can only do what you can do. I do love getting present for all the little kids in my life. I also love doing holiday type stuff. Like go to the Hotel Del in Coronado to look at there huge tree. I also love going to Down town and just walk around at night because its cold. I love getting hot chocolate at Starbucks during this month and making cookies and pot roast. I am going to focus on my kids and just loving on them this month. That's going to be my intention for the month of December…To love on my kids..We got all the Christmas lights up on the house and we even got a huge blow up Santa..Yes we are those people.. I love it. I am excited …Things are good. I am grateful I am in our new house. We have furniture in every room. My children are happy and baby Jack is here and he is healthy.. I can't really ask for much more…Happy Holidays and I will right about how I got hurt running on Sunday..Not good but I should be better soon … says me ..

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