Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A little beach

Here is something I just learned or maybe I knew but I just got it.
Christmas is about doing a-lot of this..

spending as much time as I can with my family. What I have been practicing doing more is listening. I am leaving my phone in the car and just trying to listen better. I am not sure if that's proper  English or not. The more I listen to my kids the more they want to tell me. Sometimes that's good and other times I need more patience. I feel like I am becoming a better observer of whats going on within them when I listen to what they have to say. We play a-lot of imagination games over here so its always fun to see how the conversation will end. 

It goes by fast. I am still finding it hard to really understand this year is almost over and yes San Diego in December is 70 degrees. I even went in the water twice last week. It was cold but not freezing cold. Baby Jack is 3 months old..

This was his first time at the beach and first sunset. I will get to tell him how I held him while he watched his first sunset. even though his aunts and cousins and dad held him too..I will just say I did..

I am head over heals...
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