Monday, December 30, 2013

All about filling up

Sunday was a day that was all about my heart.
Do you have days that you feel you just need a break. Not a long break but maybe just a break. To do what ever you want and go visit who ever you want. Sunday was that day for me. Not all day but part of the day was all mine. I fell like a filled up my well. So I know what your thinking what did I choose to do. A tiny bit of pampering fallowed by a long drive to go visit my grandmother.

She went to heaven about 3 years ago and I had not visited her in a while. I felt strong until I got there and then it hit me how much I admired and loved her gentle soul. Her sweet little voice and her Love.

Then I went to visit my sweet sister and I brought her some more Christmas gifts because she loves gifts and because I adore my sister. I hung out there with her and we danced and you know how when you are with someone you just love like crazy everything is just right... How can you not feel good when you visit an angel. I hung with my mom and sat on her bed my brother joined us. I feel lucky to have my brother around he had a horrible car accident two weeks ago and he is really hurt but he will be OK. So I felt like visiting my family at my pace was something I needed to do..The craziest part was on the way home I did not have the radio on. I sat there in silence just hanging out with me and it was good.

Then when I got home and saw this face I melted and was so happy to be back but so happy I took sometime for me right before the new year.. 

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