Sunday, January 12, 2014

Not a run but a bike ride

There was a -lot of frustration and crying that went on before I went on what turned out to be a great bike ride. I really can not run right now. I run for 10 minutes and my hip starts to hurt. It hurts to the point that I really have to stop. All I can really say is that the whole situation breaks my heart. I feel the best when I am running. I feel free. I always imagine that when a bird is in flight it must feel the same way. That's where the idea of my bird tattoo came from. Running flying it must feel the same right ? I tried running Friday but it hurt after 1 mile. I was so upset I cried and cried some more.  I am getting x-rays tomorrow and I hope to be able to figure out what is going on so I can get back to running.
Meanwhile I have to do something physical that's hard so I asked my dad to go on a bike ride with me so we toured San Diego. It was fun and it was hard. We rode for about 30 miles and my butt was sore. My poor dad fell but thank goodness he was fine. We even got on a ferry to go from Coronado to Downtown. The best part about the ride was that we mostly rode on a bike path and that my dad and I got to change it up a bit. I asked him if he wanted to go swimming in La Jolla next week but he said the water is to cold and it is. It was a great saturday and we rode for a long time and that made me happy..If I can't run then I will bike… I want to stay positive and optimistic about the entire situation..I hope you got to go outside this weekend.

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