Thursday, February 6, 2014

A bit here and there

I find my little bits and pieces of creating come late in the evening. That's because everyone is in bed and Its finally me time. I have been trying to paint everyday. Even if that means I only get 20 minutes here or there. It keeps me wanting more and practicing. This picture is what is directly in front of me as I paint. I am slowly putting my pretty space together but it takes time. So I put together some of the things that inspire me right smack in front of me to keep me company. 

This is the little me that came out in this painting. I love her short hair and was reminded while I was creating her that my hair was always this length . I have been thinking way to much about what is going on with who I am. A little identity crisis going on. I am slowly coming to the understanding that I am just enough. Maybe a little more. Who I am does not need an explanation just understanding  acceptance with in myself and love.

Across her arms I out it spells out always leave room for magic. I don't want to ever go away from that.To me that means never letting go of my child like thoughts. Letting myself be in touch with my inner child and letting that child live with in my 41 year old body.

The fox is her trusted friend. He doesn't question her he accepts understands loves and listens. Its hard to find someone who will do all that and she did..So as he stand next to her he to lifts his arms...

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