Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I am really enjoying this right now

Yes, Little baby Jack is 5 months old and I find my heart skipping a beat when I look at him. He has the sweetest soul. I am so glad to be his mommy. Its a win win situation. 

I am so loving this book . Its so good and uplifting and it fits in my diaper bag. I had Isabella and Christopher read it during swimming and they agreed because they had nothing else to do but guess what they really liked it. They both read the entire book and Christopher said he felt it helped him with his writers block. 

The Michele Hill Polka dot Wimsey Scrap booking kit. I got mine a while ago but I had not opened it. I was busy but I started Project life and I used this kit and I loved it. Its go well put together and the colors are lovely . So next month I am subscribing for sure.

Here she is what I have been working on. I have been asking to the universe to help me find my space. Sometimes I feel out of sorts and so here I am arms wide open . Felling grateful but a bit not grounded. ( I think its because I can't run ) but that's OK because I have lots of energy for all my kids.

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