Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Letting go with paint

Letting go of the outcome is always great the hard part is really feeling that. I am practicing doing just that. I am practicing being free and just having fun. Life is not made up of mater pieces rather of little pieces that eventually will be your own master piece. 
You never know what will happen next or how it will happen but if you just show up and give at least 80 percent than it will be OK. The other thing that's great is you usually always get another try. If you mess up you take what you learned and apply it again. You try different colors and different brushes and eventually you will get that perfect color and it will be what you wanted. At least for that day. Then you show up again tomorrow and try again. Letting passion be the leader is always rewarding and who cares about the outcome when you get to do something you really love even if it only for a while that while is enough to hold you over until the next time you need to feel the need. Of course I am talking about painting right ??

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