Monday, February 24, 2014

What I needed to read.

Most of my days have been spent like most other moms who stay home with there baby . Home cleaning and cooking and driving to and from school and the YMCA. I am feeling bored . I am sure this has to be a normal thing. It comes with guilt. I think to myself does that mean that my kids are boring me or does that mean I am boring or am I just over thinking . What do I need to do with the little bit of energy I have left to make my life more exciting. This feeling stinks. I feel like its between guilt and sad and bored. I wonder if that makes sense. 

My kids are awesome and I know I am who I am because of them. I used to love to go out when Paola was little. I was in my twenties and I wanted to have fun. Its crazy looking back how much I have changed.  So now that I am older I know what works for me and for my kids.  Doing things with my kids that are out side of our normal routine helps. Planning events and then JUST DOING IT. I figured out that one thing that really brings me down is comparing myself to other woman instead of admiring the qualities in them I love . I really try to call my self on this when it happens. Then I talk to myself about it. What about this person makes me feel inferior and then I tell myself instead of feeling jealous or like I am less than that person why don't I try to take the qualities about them and embrace them and admire them. When I say this to myself it literately changes how the light  I am seeing the situation in. I read this today it as written by my friend that I love and admire greatly Jennifer. It really lifted my spirit and gave me strength.  Her post made me want to write this. I think that inner strength comes from overcoming the little obstacles and trying to understand what makes us think crazy thoughts sad thoughts and then when we feel great stopping and looking around at what helped us feel great. Inner strength means having to look inside of ourselves and thats not always fun but its a-lot like running you always feel better after you do it.

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