Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Check in

Hello and happy Monday. Time seems to be going by so quickly and I believe having a baby is a great reminder. This little boy of mine will be 6 months in a couple of days. The time is just flying by.  I am being really good about working on his baby album because I don't want to forget anything. He is turning into a little boy. He is all over the place . Rolling around and talking in his cute high pitch voice. Baby talk. He loves his feet and anything that can go into his mouth will.  We are all having so much fun with him. I am looking forward to getting more sleep but that's OK. Sleep will come later. All my kids have slept with me until they turn 3 and this little guy is no different . This weekend we unexpectedly ended up running a 10 mile race. Baby Jack was pushed in the stroller for 10 miles by his dad and he was a perfect angel. He slept and then just hung out playing with his feet while his dad pushed him. I stayed behind not by choice but because I can't run 7 min miles.. I was just so proud of Jack for being such a great baby during his first race. 

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