Sunday, February 23, 2014

Running with the baby

I started running with my baby. Its easy if the timing is right . That means its close to nap time and he is well fed. This stroller is also key. We have a BOB and it makes a huge difference .

Our first running adventure was succesful we started of at the beach and ran out 3 miles he slept the whole way so it was easy but when we got the rest rooms at our first stop I had to wake him him up . He was still happy. Then we went and played on the sand for about 20 minutes so he could stretch. 

Then our run back began . He was a little fussy but I stopped fed him and he was happy. I did try and run faster to because I don't want him to hate the stroller. 

He laughed a lot and he talked and made lots of noises all in all in was good. It seems life has gotten quite and a huge part of me wishes it was a bit more exciting but most of me is content. We run I clean the house when he sleeps I paint and we go to swim practice. I am looking forward to signing up for all my races March 1st so I can get way more excited .

The end of my run . Its always nice to know I am done and it went well. I am so incredibly grateful I can run..So grateful I feel so much better and happier.

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