Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Girl

I love that its officially spring. Isabella asked me to paint my sweet girl with pink hair and I tried but black won out. What is a girl to do. I have a-lot going on here. There are lots of layers of paper and she is walking through the night with the light of the moon showing her the way. Here she is on her way home.  Oh and guess what I sold a couple things on Etsy. I am so excited. I jumped when I got the email form them. Its like a dream come true. Yes as silly as that sounds . I always wanted to do this and I am doing it. 

 There are a couple classes I signed up for next month . Yay!!  How exciting. I think I will do a blog post on all the classes I have taken. I have learned from all of them. There are a couple I watch over and over again.
 I hope Spring is coming your way and that the snow melts if its cold where you live. My sweet girl will be on Etsy in just a bit. Happy Day Peeps...

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