Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Two of us

I finished. I like it . What do you think ? Want to know what I see here. Its about forgiveness. I had a situation once with a girlfriend that taught me a-lot about myself and the lack of boundaries I had. Since then we have made up and most importantly I learned about how much I really needed to make boundaries in life. I learned what behaviors where OK on my part and what I was not OK with. I learned that saying no is OK. That my time is really important and that picking who I spend it with is huge. My kids and family come first then there is a little bit left for friends. I wish I had more but the great thing about life is that I hope in couple years when my kids need me less there will be time for all that other stuff. Back to my mixed media painting. Its about two friend and its about forgiveness.  I am having fun practicing what I love and in itsy bits steps improving.  Have a wonderful Day and she will be in my easy shop tonight. Go check it out. Thank you for stopping by.

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