Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A wave

Hi Guys,  Yes today little man said by with a little wave to his swimming teacher. It was the cutest thing. After he kept waving and people walking by waved back. We have had a good week with 2 more swim classes for the little guy done and dinners have been made and homework has been done. Yes it is the simple but I like it. I have a half marathon this weekend I am looking forward to running it. I have been very diligent with my running and for the month of April I am up to 115 miles so far. I am going to start wearing a heart rate monitor to see if I can pick up my pace and find a comfortable new quicker pace. I feel that I have been doing just fine nothing hurts and the only thing that bothers me is that I am tired more. I hate being tired but I think I just have to get used to it. I met a girl at swim practice today that told me her husband ran 40 miles on his 40th birthday and says it was the worse experience of his life. I asked her why and she said getting ready for his birthday run was to time consuming. That made me think am I doing enough ? I hope so because 40 miles a week is enough for me right now. Next month I will go up to 45 miles a week . That's what the training plan says so as long as it feels OK I will do it.  The other new thing is I finally found a runners yoga class close by and I am scheduled to go try it this week. I really hope it helps with not feeling so tight . I am happy with what I am doing as far as slowly getting more miles in with out getting injured. I am hoping to start doing trail runs once week in May I found a cool group and they said I could run with them so hopefully they won't completely kick my butt. Have a wonderful week .

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