Sunday, April 27, 2014

La Jolla Half Marathon

The La Jolla half Marathon was this morning and it was a success. The weather today was perfect running weather.

I was in wave four with my dad. We started together but that was it. He took it a little bit easier today. I felt emotional this morning. They started the marathon by singing Sweet Caroline for Boston and it was emotional . The entire situation in Boston was devastating and this year watching the marathon was amazing and happy and sad. Once the race started and there I was running with a bunch of cool strangers and the I have a Neil Diamond in my head then I look behind me and see my dad. Running a few feet behind me and it dawned on me how lucky I am and how I really have to take all these moments with him in and how much I appreciate him. I have been running with him about 5 years and its always fun . My dad is a funny guy.

The weather was perfect. I ran right under 9 minute miles the entire way. I was really proud of myself. I am not a fast runner so  I have to practice practice practice to get better. So yes I felt excited to be able to run the entire way and stay under 9 min miles. This half is a-lot of peoples favorite because it has great views and lots of water along the way. It is usually never hot and you only have 1 big hill mile 7 and after that as they say its down hill.  When I got to the end I had my very own cheering section. I heard my name being yelled my nickname and mom. That was so cool so I ran as fast as I possibly could for the last half mile. I was felling good.

Here is my little man at the end of the race. He loves my medal.

Here is my dad and I. He had an OK race but I think he rocked anyway. He looked good to me. 

This is the view you see at the end of the race. So you get a medal and look to the right and see this view. Nice end to a great race. 

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