Monday, May 12, 2014

A look into yesterday

Mothers day came and went but it left me with some beautiful cards and very thoughtful gifts. I have to say that I do love a Holiday that is about loving your mom. I got hugs kisses and flowers. 

My kids know me so well. I even got a gnome candle. This cute mushroom card.

Jack got me this plate and I adore it. It seems to be a water color of an owl.

My son made me an I phone cake. I keep thinking maybe I am on the phone to much or maybe its just a great Idea. 

Early afternoon we headed to my brothers house for brunch. Here we are all the moms.

Here we are little man and me. Just hanging out on the beach. My others kids are all doing there thing at this point. That is the lovely thing about babies  they are always with you. 

So my family all hung out and ate and watched our crazy kids play in the bay. It was a very good day. I hope you had a wonderful Mothers day.

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