Thursday, May 15, 2014

Do what you love

Do what you Love
Do what makes you happy
I read that all the time and the time. It would be nice if most of us had time to do what we loved all the time but maybe for some of us the fact that we have so much stuff to do and we have to make special time to do what we love that makes doing what we love so special. This is a fact about me. I fall in love with certain artist and I love there technique and I call it an artist crush. Let me see this year I have had 3 full on crushes. I am currently in full crush mode.
Want to know who I have crushed on this year.
Danielle Donaldson

And currently I am all about Regina Lord at Creative Kismet and I am taking her course.
Expressions E course

This is a picture of Isabella I painted using her style. Its so fun and hey its super hot and there is fire everywhere so I am doing what I love while everybody sleeps around here. I am learning a-lot from this course. I started a painting journal and I am going to try and make one in the morning. I am feeling way more relaxed about drawing and painting. I am not sure why. I am not as tense and I am leaving all the self criticism outside. If you love drawing faces and painting girls try this course. its affordable and really good.. lots of videos. All the artist I have loved this year have really good videos. That works better for me that reading . I want to see how they do it so I can visually get it.
It helps to do what you love if you are feeling stressed or if you want to get better at it. I am a huge believer of practice practice practice. I am a little obsessed with running my kids and painting. I can see that now by looking at my post. I can't help what I love love to do. I just have to do it.
4 days until my Birthday. I will spend that day doing what I love too..

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