Thursday, May 29, 2014

Practice Practice Practice

I am looking forward to this weekends Rock and Roll Marathon. Half the fun is the expo. I love big marathon Expos . There is so much to look at and so much to do. The other half is running 26.2 miles.
I am looking forward  to  this weekend . Life right now is about being a mom , painting when I get a bit of free time and going for a training runs. What I love the most about painting is that I know I will never tire of it. I see myself practicing 10 years from now. I see myself running 10 years from now and I will never tire of being a mom.. All good things.
Regina Lord is my Artist crush right now and this is from week 3 of her class. I highly recommend this class . I am so excited by her work. Its so colorful and beautiful.
I highly recommend finding your passion. My girl friend told me the other day that she really does not have anything she is crazy passionate about.. WHAT !!!!  I told her you need to try doing things your are interested in. If your keep trying you will come across that thing that makes you crazy happy inside.
Some times outside our comfort zone lies our passion and its up to us to find it.
I will be back soon with Expo Pictures..
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