Saturday, May 31, 2014

#RocknRoll Expo Photo Dump

Hi Guys,
            I went to the Expo yesterday to pick up my bib for the marathon tomorrow. EEEEKKKK How exciting.  I have a tour pass so I got in early and when your pushing a running stroller it helps. Here you go this is early in the morning and when I first walked in this is what I saw. I love that first feeling of ohhhh here we go !!!!!

Look at what our bibs say.. I put  Jack's mom on mine and Mike put for Jack n Gloria on his. We didn't know what the other person put so it was sweet to see our bibs. Do you know why they put your name on the bib ?? So when you run by people can yell Go Gloria …Rad stuff

Here is the official Rock Roll Shirt for 2014. I hear your not supposed to wear your new shirt to run in but I think I might. I am going to run in it today and see how it feels first. The shirt has balboa park on it. I like it.

Shopping at the Expo.. Super fun and Super expensive. The good part is if you spent over 150$ you get to use the special Rock Star Potty's. If you have ever used a regular potty during a marathon that has 30 thousand people running then you can understand why the a special potty is a good one. 

We had to get both of these shirts...

Brooks always has the best set up. Last year it was a carnival scene this year it was Run happy Island.

Little man won a little football that kept him busy for a while. Its so cute in his hand.

So thats it. I know this is not the best picture but the guy who took it said this is a great picture so there you go.. 'A great Picture'.  Tomorrow morning at this time I should be on mile 9. I am planning on running a 4 hour marathon and Mike is planning on running 3:15.. I will keep you posted and if you want to fallow my run it will be posted on twitter too. How exciting..This will be my 12th marathon and seven of those are SaN Diego Rock and Roll Marathons. Happy Saturday.

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