Monday, June 2, 2014

Rock and Roll marathon Experience

 The Rock and Roll is always a magical experience at least for me. They put on such a huge production that you can't help but be excited about running. This years some unexpected friends joined us at my house so the celebrating and anticipation started early. When this happens it means I will arrive early.. and that never happens. I ran with a the four hour pacer this year and I definitely think it helped keep me my 4 hour estimated and much wanted finishing time. Our pacer had some technical difficulties along the way so I ended up running behind some guy who decided he to could be the 4 hour pacer. The temperature was perfect and it didn't start getting warm until I was almost done. I do think it was humid. 

This is how I feel about running. Even after 3 hours. I just love it. I did hurt during my run. Pretty much everything hurt at one point or another. My feet my toes my calves my butt my back my arms got tired my shoulders from not relaxing  them and my arms from swinging them the wrong direction. Something always hurts the it goes away just in time for something else to hurt. I made up lots of stories in my head this year. I thought about my kids and how lucky I am to have them. I prayed and I feel so crazy grateful that I can run. I didn't do as much people watching as other years. I didn't wear my watch so I was trying to stay a steady pace.

I ran under this very cool Brooks display and fallowing the display was a bunch of people outside there houses with hoses and watermelon and beer. Nice hu..
I will continue my story tomorrow because My little baby is teething so I did not get much sleep last night.. 
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