Sunday, June 22, 2014

Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon done

4 am came really early on Saturday morning but I was already up and getting all my stuff ready to go run. There was the I fact that I couldn't make coffee because I did not want to wake anyone up that sucked a little. I was hoping that down stairs there would be coffee because I need my caffine before I ran.  I run with a camel back so I got my GU brew ready in it. There was  my  gels and my phone and head phones and sun block. Some money and my ID. Oh and don't forget the butt balm. ( this stuff saves my ass) You have to balm your butt because aint nobody got time for chaffing. Now its 4:30 and I am ready I go down stairs and for a cup of coffee and maybe toast or a bagel.They had both they charged 2$ for a cup of coffee I thought that was a little crazy.  At 7 am the coffee and breakfast was free. Things like that bother me.  Here is the number one thing that I did not like about this race its that  you have to find your way to the starting line. There are no bus that takes you. You need to go to the train station and take the light rail and then the bus. That just bites.  So I started walking at 5 am to the train station and I did not find it. I saw lots of and lots of homeless people and the walk was scary. So I finally  met some people that were just walking to the Space Needle and they let me walk with them and about 15  minutes later I was there. So I got to warm up my legs I guess. Seriously It was a little scary. Now I was not prepared for how many people would be there..Holy Cow. This made the lines at san Diego look like a walk in the park. There space was just smaller and we where all cramped. It was a tight fit but it was exciting there was a buzz in the air. 

I was in supposed to be in corral 10 but I couldn't  make it because there was so many people I made it to corral 24 and that fine. The weather was amazing 60  and just a bit cloudy it was what you call perfect running weather. The marathon started at 7 but I started at 7:34. I spoke to a bunch of people wished them luck and then I retreated to my world. I started running and decided I would go for 4 hours. Why not right. I kept telling myself how many opportunities do you have to run a marathon G. I wanted to see if I could do a bit better that the San Diego marathon.

How beautiful is this …I ran along Washington street for about 4 miles and it was just picture perfect. The trees where huge green and lush. The sun was shinning but it was not hot. There was a cool breeze that came of the water.

If you look under the tree you can see Mt.Rainer. This was a beautiful run. I think if I would have ran the half I would of felt cheated of the views they where magnificent.

This was the hardest part for me. The bridge is about 3 miles long it was boring and late in the race. The people had really spaced out so I was mostly alone but the view was amazing. On the way out it was down hill and on the way back an up hill not a bad up hill but when its mile 17 everything seems harder. I was able to stay focused and I was doing well. I thought I would do about 4 hours so I just kept running.

This was at the end of bridge see I was like..Oh man I am tired. I still kept on going. I kept thinking strong mind strong body. I drank all my Gu brew. I felt strong. The longest mile was the last one. I actually got sick as soon as I crossed the finish line. Yuck. So I crossed the finish line and then I got a text telling that my time was 3:54. I was super excited and after all that worrying I did just fine. I am really happy with my time. I loved the run and having my family there was even better. The medal was kinda cool. Its the coffee cup below. There you go that is about everything. Happy Running. 

Participant Detail
Finished In:
Gloria King
Age: 42 | Gender: F
  • Overall: 444 out of 2210
  • Division: 19 out of 151
  • Gender: 113 out of 1003
  • 5 km
  • 10 km
  • 10 mi
  • half
  • 17.9 mi
  • 20 mi
  • 0:28:06
  • 0:54:19
  • 1:25:23
  • 1:51:26
  • 2:37:05
  • 2:54:42
  • Pace
  • Chip Time
  • Clock Time
  • 8:57
  • 03:54:37
  • 04:22:04

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