Friday, June 20, 2014

Visiting Seattle leading up to the Rock and Roll Marathon

 So here I am again with a small photo dump. It is really pretty here. Its been sunny and perfect weather. OK so today we went to gas Works park and I used to live in green house boat 5th from the right about 14 years ago.  It looks the same.
This is Jack announcing to the world he is 10 months old today. 

so today was about going to the Expo picking up my bib. You can fallow me on twitter if you like. I signed up for the posting thing..That's kinda cool. Then we walked all around down town and had lunch. Finally we headed over to the park to play and run around. I have not gone for a run in 3 days so I am excited to get my legs moving tomorrow. Then to end our day we asked suri about where we should go for good Chicago style pizza ..

Now I am of to bed because 5 am comes early so next post will be about my run. Wish me luck and I will see after I run my butt of for about 26.2 miles.

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