Wednesday, July 16, 2014

#Running with a baby

Hello and I am back. I learned a couple lessons in the past few weeks . Lessons the universe taught me by kicking my ass. I was way to excited or maybe I am learning to just chill and not be over zealous . I am fallowing a training guide to get me to the big race.
 Fire trail 50 miler
 I found the training schedule I am fallowing here. Ultra Ladies
I have been doing more than is asked and I am tired so I have decided to stick to what it says. I am still trying to figure out how to balance 4 kids and driving and dinner and running. I don't want  to let what I feel is my responsibility slip because I am running or better said tired from running. I do a-lot of driving from Swim team to Jr Life guards and even baby Jack goes swimming 3 times a week. I can honestly say that because of all the activities that are going on and that are really important to my kids and me well all of those things make running even that more important. The more I sit the more I want to run. I am super blessed to have a baby that either loves the movement of the stroller or just loves chilling as his mom pushes him. I love the time that Jack and I spend going and coming. I also found something he just loves I used to listen to music on my phone now he listens to Baby Einstein as I push him. The last half mile is up hill so I try to push him as fast as I can ( doesn't mean its fast ) Jack just started clapping when I push him up the last hill and that makes me smile.
So I guess the biggest thing right now is finding a way to manage my energy so I have enough to go around. When you have 3 teenagers at home during summer taking a nap when the baby does is not an option so I need to figure out what is… I am very happy with this little adventure I am taking and like they say baby steps..
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