Friday, July 25, 2014

Tijuana Marathon

Its hard to believe that 3 years ago my dad and I ran the Tijuana half marathon. This is a video I made back in the day about our mini T.J. Half marathon experience. It was a great race really well put on and its free.. They had great music playing and misters too. I felt really safe down there too. 
I found out last week that the Tijuana Marathon was coming up and since I am supposed to run 20 Saturday 10 Sunday I thought why don't I sign up and do 5 Saturday and 26.2 on Sunday good Idea right ??
 Sunday is the day that I will running my 3rd marathon for the year. I am excited and nervous. I know once I am down there everything will be fine and I will be glad I signed up. It's always like this the days before I think "what was I thinking that's a long way to run." Then I start running I am loving life and I can't wait for the next race when I am done. I know its going to be hot so I am hoping for 4 hour marathon give or take a couple minutes. I am not  going for greatness I am going for a good solid training run with a medal please… I think the only thing that may make it hard is the heat so I am taking my camel back with GU brew and keeping hydrated until then. I will fill you in with the whole story when I get back but for now keep me in your good running thoughts Sunday as I run in Tijuana.. Did you know I born in Tijuana ? I was and I speak fluent spanish so it should feel cool to run in MEXICO…Happy miles 
 Here we are 6 am..
Our sweet medal.
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