Friday, August 22, 2014

Birthday Mode

We are in full Birthday mode over here. We have family in town and cakes that needed baking and now a birthday party for this little one to look forward to. Here is Jack with his homemade birthday cake Isabella made for him. when you turn one you get to eat the cake yourself right. Jack loved every minute of it.
I chose not run to much this week because I really wanted to not be tired for the festivities . I was feeling tired anyway and yes to be honest sometimes I just want to miss running. Does that happen to anyone else ?
My legs thanked me and yesterday after cleaning my heart out I decided three day was long enough I needed to run. I was feeling anxious and maybe feeling a little stir crazy. So bright and early today I went for a slow 8 mile run and it felt so good. Sometimes going slow feels so right . I think its the warming up of the body that feels great. I am going to do 20 this weekend. 10 Saturday 10 Sunday. Then I only have 7 weeks left before my big run.
Happy Miles and I hope you get outside today...

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