Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Family Outings

We decided that for the next month we would try and hang out every Sunday at this great location and try a different restaurant every time. It was difficult to get all of us out this weekend but once we did it was great. Can you believe this little guy will be 1 soon. Time goes by quickly. Thats for sure.

Hi..Its me with a terrible headache but family comes first so I sucked it up and after I ate I felt way better.

This little guy is in love with planes and birds and I love that. I love birds too. Here he is checking out the planes flying overhead. 

My dad and I used to run here all the time. It is beautiful don't you think.

Lately its been humid and light showers I kind of dig that weather specially if I am not running. 

This is me stopping and just enjoying my family. Sometimes you have to stop and just lay on the grass and look at the clouds. 

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