Monday, August 4, 2014

The Balboa Park 8 and 3

My dad and I have a standing running date. We have been doing it for years. When we have a race or an organized run we move our date. This weekend since we decided to run the Balboa Park 8 and 3 miler put on by the San Diego Track Club. If you live in San Diego and you want to get faster go run with these guys.. I told my dad I would run this entire race with him. I don't run races with him enough and this was the perfect distance for him and I to run together. The race was really well organized and I knew a a-lot of people that were running it so that always makes it more fun. 

I have a question for you. On a side note do you favor a running shirt you got from a race and then find yourself wearing it over and over ?? I do
back to the story. I decided to wear my Brooks because I also decided my Hokas were worn out. My feet hurt from the beginning . The balls of my feel felt sore and to be honest I think its going to be really hard for me to switch shoes now. Hokas are like running on clouds and new Hokas are just candy to your feet.  So I do regret not wearing them but it was only 8 miles so it would be fine.

This is Balboa Park. I took these pictures while running so there not great and its really early in the morning and a little overcast but very humid. 

You got to run on the street through the park and on the trail. I liked it and I found out this is the oldest race in San Diego. The 60th annual Balboa Park Race.

We had fun and it even though we didn't talk while we ran I was able to be there when my dad fell. He was fine got right back up and kept going and more important the only person who saw him fall was me..

This is the shirt I wear all the time now. The La Jolla Half shirt and its grey. I don't really like grey but I love this shirt. It fits well. This is us walking up the hill. It was little hard to run because the girl place guys are running back and you need to be out of the way. That what I told myself ..YUP 

These are the Loffers and cool running group that included me and I am so glad they did because there super sweet. 

Here is our bling. I had a nice time and my legs felt recovered from last week. I ran again sunday and it was a good training run. Did you race this weekend or have a good training run ? I honestly can not imagine a weekend with out running..

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