Thursday, August 28, 2014

Family Outings

Last week we had family in town . They came to help us celebrate Jacks birthday. When family is in town it is very important to take them to have amazing tacos.. 

The food at Bull Taco is so good. Specially if you like Mexican food. There used to be two Bull tacos but now they have three. We visited the new restaurant. It is super cute and low key. 

I had the tostadas de ceviche. Sea food tostadas . The food is amazing at this little place. My all time favorite are the breakfast burritos. They are huge but man they are the best breakfast burritos I have ever had. 

There are not tables for 8 so we all got our own table. Half the restaurant is outside. If you are in Encinitas you should try this place its amazing. After dinner we all headed to the San Diego zoo. I heard night time zoo was fun so off we went. The drive is about 45 minutes so we got there at sunset. 

The best part of our zoo trip was seeing Jacks face on the gondola. He was so excited. Christopher and Isabella where ahead of us yelling JACK…So he was super excited looking for them.

I wish I had more to say about night time zoo but I do not. I wouldn't go back at night either . The animals are all sleeping or gone. We saw 3 animals and just walked around. When you have a big group its fun no matter what you do.

Here we are at the zoo..This month was full of family and getting together with friends. Its always nice looking back and remembering all the cool things you did during summer. 

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