Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Oh Boulder how I miss you

We have been thinking a-lot about moving back to Boulder Colorado. I lived there for a couple years it was long enough for me to feel like I was home. I had never been to the mountains before I moved there. I fell in love with the beauty of the mountains. We drove into town and there they where. It is a memory I won't ever forget. 
I started my love affair with running 10 years ago. See the picture above . This is where it all started.. I decided that I would run for 21 days straight so I could get healthier and shed some baby weight that was not leaving. I also just needed a reason to get out of the house. I had no idea how far I was running or if I even had the right shoes. I just ran around the this resevoir that was not to far from my house 7 days a week. Soon I knew I needed a running stroller a double and so I got one. Then Isabella , Christopher and I ran everyday while Paola was in school and on the weekend I would go early.  I just kept running and never really stopped .  I am a creature of habit and  yup I am boring that way. I also get lost easily so I never ventured out and I really wish I had. There was so much exploring I needed to do in Colorado but I just didn't. 
One of my most vivid memories I have is running through the mountains and feeling like wow this is where I want to be. I felt like a fairy  flying  though the trees. That's what I long for when I run that feeling of freedom.  My entire family is here in san Diego but I am not as close to them as I thought I would be. They seem to do fine with out me. My dad I worry about leaving. I adore him and friends some very special friends .. This is whats going on in my brain . I might not move but thoughts of going back to Colorado are certainly floating in my brain.

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