Friday, August 8, 2014

Happy Weekend

Weekend Time. I love the weekend because that means I get me time on the road. We do have family in town so dinner and the zoo are on the agenda but so is Saturday run with my dad and The Stairway to heaven half marathon. I am both nervous and excited about this race because its an ass kicker and a trail run. I have not been on a trail in a long time. I am going to buy trail shoes tomorrow that's how long it has been. Its a-lot of climbing and I like that its really the down hills that hurt my knees. I should really learn how to run down hill with out having your knees hurt. Is that possible ? I got most of my miles in for the week. I am sitting here with rainbow compression socks on my feet . I am hoping that if I wear this all night my legs won't feel to tired. I bought some new running shorts that are the amazing for the race. I will share for sure. Do you have running plans for the weekend ? Remember to hydrate I take a water bottle out with me very single time I run even though it bothers me to carry it . Hydration is huge. It helps you recover so much faster if your hydrated well too. I will share all  about the race this Sunday until then happy miles.

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