Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Rest Day

Is Monday a rest day for you ? Its sure has been for me lately. I am really tired come Monday morning and resting has been good for all of me. I had a great race yesterday I am putting a post together for tomorrow . I can tell you one thing walking down the stairs today has not been fun. I ran all the miles on my training plan last week and I feel really good about that 52 miles baby. I  never thought I would be able to say I ran over 50 miles last week… That huge for me. I have noticed that I need to eat way more protein and I have been that helps too. The plan for training for my big race in October has been to include as many organized runs as possible so I don't burn out and it makes it easier for me to fallow through. Its been fun having all these half marathons to run on the weekends. I have made new friends made many cool memories. Next Sunday is the AFC half marathon. It is a great half but really hot. I have been running it with my day for 6 years I think. This year I will run it alone and thats ok too.
This week I have 46 miles that need my attention. I am really loving the hill training. Running up hill has been easier that trying to figure out how to run down a hill with out having my knees hurt. I am super grateful and I give God a huge thank you everyday that I am able to run and fallow this passion of mine.  So what your plan for the week ? How many miles do you have planned?

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