Friday, September 26, 2014

!0 miles later

I finally got to go for a run today and it was so so good. I went for a run along the coast and for an 1 1/2  I felt perfect. Here is the thing lately for about a month when I got for a run longer than an 1 1/2 when its hot I get these horrible migraines. This was me today after my run. I was so happy but now I am sitting here with one of these headaches that hurt so much I just want to cry. I drink alloy of water . Maybe its just the sun. Years ago the same thing happened. 12 years ago and I needed up cutting my hair. I have thick hair so when I run since its in a ponytail it gets heavy and I think that might be the problem. I am going to sleep now and I hope to feel better soon.

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