Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Reasons Why

I woke up this morning and all I could think about is I need a run but my life called for lunches to be made and swim bags that I knew needed new towels a baby that needed breakfast and a baba.. so yes I still need a run and I will get it in as soon as we come home from baby swim class..all those things lead my thinking to this thought …name as many reasons as you can in two minutes on why you love to run G..
I gets my butt outside
I get to listen to my music
It gets my body in motion
Life always seems better after a run
sweat is good
I feel stronger
if my body could thank me it would
I can eat more food
I love the feeling of the wind going through my hair
I get me time even if baby J is with me
I feel stronger after each run
I get to sing to my favorite song
watching my feet take places
Looking at the sky
Finding beauty even traffic
waving hello total strangers
Pushing my butt up the hill as hard as I can
The most important one
Feeling my body as I push it
My arms
My legs
My shoulders and making sure I control my breathing
there you go.. Have a great day 

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