Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A day at the gardens

The Huntington Beach Library and Botanical Gardens are a wonderful place to visit . It goes by the name The Hunington . It is about 1 1/12 hours north from San Diego but definitely worth the drive. I have been taking my kids there for about 8 years and this was Jacks first time. I was eager to see how he would like all the flowers.

The Gardens all have a theme . This was the Japanese Garden. We had an interesting trip this time. It started of with me falling on my knees and getting an ugly cut. I am not ashamed to say that I wore the wrong shoes. Lucky for me there was a very nice lady who quickly helped me and put some ointment on my cut that helped the bleeding stop.
It was a hot day and strollers can get warm so Mike and I took turns holding Jack. As you can see its a magical place. There is so much to see. 

Here he is. I am not sure how much fun he had because of the heat but our company loved it. We did go inside all the art museums and I think the air conditioning helped because he seemed to do fine looking at the art. They have some amazing art. 

This was the Chinese garden. It goes on for 2 miles. There are coy fish and an original Chinese Tea house set up too.

Here we are and no that is not a Broncos dress . My dad always has the best smile and as you can tell we are all happy. I highly recommend making the trip to The Huntington Beach Library. Next time we go I hope it won't be as hot. 

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