Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Favorite Running Movies

In less than a month I have my big race. The one I have been training for and I am feeling scared. There I said it. I am nervous . When I was driving up to run my first 50k I got so nervous (I got sick) but as soon as I got to mile 4 I was OK. My fear is I won't finish. I know I will finish with out a doubt but The fear is still there. So when I feel this way and I need to get my mojo back I call on inspiration.
These are my inspirational collection of movies. They are really good. If I am in the mood for a documentary The Runner is it. Then when I just want to see really good I mean crazy good professional runners I watch Unbreakable. The Last Mile is soothing good story about runners but my all time favorite is Ultra Marathon Man. I love Dean and I love how inspirational he is. Its not about running its about the human spirit and he has a very bright light in him because when I watch the movie his light shines through the TV. I am serious.  Happy Miles 

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