Friday, September 19, 2014

Grateful Friday

I am grateful for long hot races that make you work your ass off . They make you stronger they teach you that anything is possible if you train right. The heat teaches you that getting out of bed and on the road as early as possible is a good thing. Even when your eye lids tell you differently. Eye lids lie

I am grateful for my tomato plant. I am not very good with plants I touch them and they die but this year I bought a tomato plant and it did not die. Maybe my luck with plants is changing. 

Grateful for the little things that keep me close to my inner child. I love girlie stickers great pens and little notebooks..I love collecting memories of today and yesterday. I love when my daughters want to share my stuff with me. 

I am grateful for this great city I live in. San Diego always has good weather and its beautiful . The traffic sucks but hey if you leave early enough then you OK.

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