Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jack Johnson "The Sharing Song"

I recently went to see Jack Johnson with my dad. Yes I do a-lot of things with my dad. We had a good time I do have to admit it was a little weird being with my dad while a ton of people smoked pot. That was weird but besides that it was great. The music was really really good. You know how sometimes you get tickets to see an artist and your excited but you have never seen them before so your not really excited. That is how I felt going to see Jack Johnson but as soon as he started playing I knew it was going to be a great concert. I felt like we where all just chilling by the beach and he was sitting there playing the guitar singing for all of us. He has a really good voice and he was funny. I love funny. It was a full house. I highly recomend going to see him if you have a chance. This was one of the songs I liked the most.. Have a great day..
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