Thursday, September 4, 2014


The Big camera made it out. She road in the bottom of the running stroller and headed out with me for a mini mom and Jack neighborhood adventure. It was a hot day but I decided that as soon as Jack woke up from his nap we would head outside for much needed sunlight. Jack is an active little boy so I have started a new routine for us. We stop in the middle of my run and walk this huge grassy field . I hold his hand and he walks as fast as his little tiny feet will take him. He loves movement and he gets so excited every time he looks up at the sky. I have to agree with my little bot the sky is pretty amazing. We look at leaves and he puts everything in his mouth. You have to love this stage in life. Everything is new and amazing. So back we go in the stroller and he stretches out and puts his little foot out ..

After everyone had been picked up from school and the trip to target Barnes and Noble where  done we came home . Then the kids did there homework I went for a short run alone.
 There is something magical about evening runs. Even when you live where I do. The sun is setting the temperature drops and you feel your body get lighter almost like it knows bed time is around the corner . Its so nice to think I get to go for a run even if its a short one I will take it. There I am feeling the sunset getting lost within my run. Feeling grateful for what I have. Letting all the negative thoughts of the day behind me. I picture myself just moving along smiling excited to get home but so happy be running.

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