Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September Goals

My September Goals.. This month I am going to make sure I get some really important things done.
1. Gluten Free diet for me. This means say no to bread and remember how much my tummy hurts every time I have bread.
2. Go for a run everyday..Starting September 3rd. I am running whats on my training schedule with a watch and the other days I am just going to run..No watch
I feel I need to get back to the heart of running and that means just run G. There is something about getting outside and moving your body forward that feels so right. Life can be tough and you can feel stuck but if you just move your body and just keep moving forward eventually you will be unstuck. It helps when your sad it helps when your angry it helps when things feel wrong. Running helps clear your mind cleanse your soul. I am working on forgiveness and I am using my time running to get ME to the other side. You have to try running or walking if you have not its amazing how it nurtures your soul.
3. I am going to read two books this month.. I need to learn more.
4.I am going to put my I phone away 2 days a week. I am so addicted to my phone. I did take Face book off because it was so hard not to look. So I don't look at it as much but now but I am feeling a little angry at myself for being so dependent on my phone..really
5.A picture a day. I want to look at my month and say I took one good picture everyday. Not I phone pictures those are great but I want to use my big camera.
6. Finish the month of July for my Project Life Album. Its coming along slowly. I am only 1 month behind so tats OK.
7. Go to sleep at by 11pm.
8. I need to send out love mail to my peeps this month. I need to buy a random stranger coffee and I need to hug my kids big everyday.
9. Take 1 bath a week with out feeling guilty that I should be cooking or something like that.
10.Love more Love better Love Bigger
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